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Angry Bugger...


Weeks of work down the toilet!

I've had a (slight) electrical fire...
...taken out the Qube server, and my home server that had the backups on it - I suppose it serves me right that one was sitting on top of the other.

Weeks of work down the toilet, contributions gone... my own data gone.


Time to survey the damage... own server's toast as is the Qube, though amazingly it's mobo is still working - tough little b*stard! Sadly the logic board for the Qube's HDD is fried: That side of the HDD was screwed to the inside of the metal box - got a bit hot.


I suppose I should be thankful I was in the house to smell the smoke so nothing else went up...
...I hope to God I can find a replacement logic board for the Qube's HDD & maybe resurrect the data. Does anybody know if the mechanical bits of an HDD can stand a bit of, um, roasting?

...find another Qube and start again.

(yet again)

Hey! All my other stuff's fine!
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