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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
Erm... ok i think this thread should get shut down before it turns into a "USA vs AUS vs UK vs THE WORLD" flame war ....although i admit the results could be amusing... and this is all over that little fat plumber and his big moustache
I couldn't agree more, this thread really sucks. It's surely time for a GM to say enough is enough and close it down, before there is an all out war between members of different countries arguing about which platformer is best, which console is best and which controller is best.

IMO I don't bloody care, I prefer the single buttoned joystick on the Amiga, and I need a gamepad, or mouse and keyboard, for everything else. I certainly won't be ramming my opinions down others throats to cause this much anoyance. As I've already mentioned which platformer I would choose etc I aint going to say it again, you'll just have to find it within all of the crap in this thread. Man, I feel like I'm getting a migrain, I wonder why
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