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GCC, VRML, MESA, X11 Links?

Ha! However, I don't know if anyone else would dig a DAW constructed via awk & sed.

= )

Funny concept, though!

When/where/how do I find out about these expos? The last Amiga Expo I went to was in NYC, back in 1993. Great vibe, great stuff... you never would of guessed that it was the Eve of Destruction for the Amiga, based on all of the cool 3rd party stuff that was coming out at the time.

I have a few other questions... I know that some version of GCC was available for the Amiga... is there a link for a fresh install? I have only run across the hardfile which has it pre-installed.

Also, was there ever a port of VRML to the Amiga? I know that it's obsolete, but it was a lightweight 3D technology, that could be recycled into a modern application GUI, so it would be useful, & very fast.

As I had mentioned, I'd like to incorporate some of the cool concepts from Sun's Project Looking Glass into a new Audio/MIDI media manipulation app for AmigaOS, so VRML just makes sense, regardless of it's ancient/vintage-status.

I saw that there was an OpenGL library, MESA... any links to a newish one?

& finally, an X11 install link would be quite handy.

Once I get a hold of all this stuff, I think that I'll put together a website or linked PDF with UNIXisms for Amiga, so that everything is available to everyone, all in one place.

The availability of this stuff would certainly make it a whole lot easier for a lot of new software to start coming out for AmigaOS.

From what I've been reading, a lot of people don't see a future in the OS, because there IS NO new software. If that changed radically, in short order, it would help to push the Amiga OS variants, and help us all to do new things under the OS that we choose.

Is there any kind of updated table that shows what C compilers have what functionality? Something like a comparison of gcc, SAS C, Dice C, Storm C, Aztec C, Lattice C... this would make it a lot easier for programmers to get involved at a serious level without wasting a whole lot of time experimenting with different compilers.

If there was a website that cross referenced the documentation to those compilers, it would be a whole lot easier to get code examples up and running quickly.

There are plenty of code examples out there, but they all use different, incompatible brands of compilers, and to make matters worse, different versions of different incompatible compilers! Ha!

There should be a site devoted to Amiga C example code, sorted by links to versions, documentation, and the actual compiler, when possible.

Well there is much work to be done. More coffee needed!

Glad to be here, glad to help out, and thanks to all above who have welcomed me!

I hope that I can do my part to make the AmigaOS variants a completely viable alternative to mainstream operating systems. I've got 20 Amiga programming books opened to different pages all over the place here, and I'm re-absorbing info in Ultra-Sponge-Mode...

= )
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