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Is there a Recent Version of TCL/TK for the Amiga?

"Frank Bazar"... Ha, I guess that would be the Ellis Islandism of it.

= )

Actually, it's just a nod to Kafka & Turgenev.

I've seen some old references to a few ports of different versions of the TCL/TK programming language.

No links that work though.

Does anyone have a link for a fairly recent version?

TCL/TK (pronounced: "Tickle-Tick") is a great language to design & prototype applications. You can get full GUI programs up & running quickly in it, and it is totally cross-platform compatible with M$/Mac/GNU/UNIX.

The more recent versions allow for self-contained redistributable executables, by using what are called: "Starkits".

It isn't as popular as perl, Python, Lua, etc... but it is a very capable language, and it would be a cool thing to have on an Amiga. Lots & lots of code exists for it already.

You can have a fully functional graphics & sound app in about a tenth of the time that it takes in most other languages.

...& you can selectively 'build it out' with C, once you have your app set-up the way you want it. Very cool for sketching, or just knocking out something quickly.

For the most part, if you grew up on BASIC, you can pick up TCL/TK really quickly. Anyone who "Doesn't program anymore..." should try TCL/TK out, the Amiga scene would see a whole lot more apps very quickly if people did.

Sooo, a link to a recent build would be very useful for all of us.

Thanks in advance.
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