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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
I doubt that most computer games were designed for a joystick,yes many were in the 70's and early 80's, but don't forget a hell of a lot game and watches (and simpler rip-offs) were sold at the time and once the ATARI 2600 died, Nintendo and Sega dominated, and that meant joypads.
I think you'll find in many countries that the time period between the 2600 and nintendo/sega was also filled by the c64 which sold tens of millions. This computer used mostly a joystick.

But of course it's horses for courses. Some ppl prefer consoles over computers just as some joypads over joysticks. Me being a left hander I would have thought a joypad would be easier to transition to, and it is compared with a right hander I know who has only ever used a joystick.
I do like extra buttons and would be good if joysticks had a few extra just like in the arcades - so for mine I think the arcade joysticks are the best balance overall for platformers.

The best are those games (such as lotus, tho not a platformer) where you can choose to use up or choose to use the button to accelerate.
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