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RELEASED > Amiga Demobase !

This is my contribution to the Commodore community.

I would like to thank you all here on EAB for your interest so far!(Thanx Cyberdruid)
Thanx to Bitworld>>could not have done it without this GREAT site.
Here it is....

Demobase Amiga,here's whats in it....

All demo entries >18010
Configured demos > 6597
Not configured demos > 7019
Demo entries with no file Attached yet > 3614
Demos not working > 408
Total demo entries that have file attached >14024

The following things could be an issue:

-The demo can be Off centered,let me know and i'll fix it.
-The demo is too slow,let me know and i'll make it go faster.
-The demo is not working correct/gfx issue,maybe add some slow/chip memory,
let me know what is wrong and i'll try too fix it.
-The demo is on more than 1 floppy,maybe i forgot to add it in the gemus script,
plz let me know and i will fix it(max 4 disks to assign).
-If you can make a demo work in the section 'not working', please let me know!
So the first thing to do is check out the demos that are configured first.
I need your help to do it.

I'm sure a lot of them already work good ,just let me know which demos
have a problem that i have not noticed.(maybe i did test it but forgot to
add the changes in the gemus script)
Surely i forgot some things here and there,maybe the weed kicked in !
I hope you all like it and please be patient with me, i gave this project
all the time i can spare.
Remember....this a just a BETA release .
I am a 1 man team at the moment so do NOT overwhelm me with ideas and
suggestions all at the same time,though i would like some comments
that can help make this project SUPER!!
I suppose you all know how to point to Winuae en scan for kickstart ROMS
(not included).

The Demobase is uploading to the EAB Fileserver right now !

Yours truly
Sjakie43 (aka >Dirk)
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