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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
OFCOURSE its YOUR OPINION. You don't have to apologise. Its NOT necessary to do so. Its a video game FFS, there MUST be some subjectivity. BUT when one BILLION people say one thing and then 5 others on an obscure board say otherwise, well you might wonder where the truth lies..its unbelievable that people can serioulsy argue that the Mario series of platformers-renowned not only as the best in thir genre by virtually every game critic that ever lived, but voted as one of the best games EVER, is not as good as one or two Amiga platformers. But as they say opinions are like arseholes,everyone' got one.

You DON"T have to apologize for expressing your opinion. Otherwise EVERY discussion here about a game can be simply ended before its begun with one reply: "thats YOUR opinion, its not mine, lets not discuss it". What's the point.
You are like talking to a brick are you not? let me SAY IT AGAIN!... the MAJORITY of the MARKETING for MARIO took place in AMERICA where the NINTENDO was VERY POPULAR!... OK!!.. NOW.. the AMIGA was mostly popular in EUROPE/ENGLAND as were most home computers such as the C64, ZX SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD..etc... so the MAJORITY of feedback for Mario over the years was influenced by a NAIVE and MORONIC AMERICAN audience that had VERY LITTLE experience with an ALTERNATIVE platform such as the the AMIGA!!

And this FORUM is not EVERY AMIGA user that EVER LIVED!!!... you have hand picked this point from comparing ONE FORUM to the whole NINTENDO COMMUNITY!!! ... Fuck mate, are you 12,20 or 30 ??

MILLIONS of people say GOD/JESUS is real, but is EVERYONE going to agree!??.. NO!!!.... many used to ask me, WELL IF THE AMIGA WAS SO GOOD WHY IS IT THE AMIGA/COMMODORE IS GONE !???... Its because they did not MARKET THE MACHINE!, like Nintendo MARKETED MARIO!!!!... Windows is THE most popular OS on the planet, not because its GREAT, but because its been MARKETED EXTREMELY WELL!!!!, and due its early business applications, but it is FAR FROM THE BEST.


ok.. now, time to move on from this USELESS thread!

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