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OT - since Ecstatica was never released on Playstation

Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
The controls were extremely frustrating!... but i'm sure some people would say they loved it.....
I enjoyed it (but not the II). It had some obvious problems (weird camera angles and angle switching especially, as many 3D games of that time, resulting in the character being hidden until you go forward a bit, clipping etc...).
I can see how people can be disappointed if they expect a survival horror game. I rather took it as a sort of action/adventure with funny and varied ways of dying/being captured (especially the various comments the werewolf makes to the other monsters once you are in their hands).
I also liked the possibility of having two 'good' endings (although some people would argue that one of them is not a good ending )

As for the controls I believe it fitted the game:

- 8 and 2 to go back and forward and 4 and 6 to turn left/right.
Maybe you would have preferred 4 and 6 to go left or right from the screen pespective, but due to the changing angles some would find this to be a problem.

- 7 and 9 to hit with what you have respectively in the left and right hand.
Can't see a problem here.

- 1 and 3 to pick or drop an item with respectively the left and right hand.
Same as above.

- 5 to dodge/defend. Maybe you would have preferred 5 and 2 to be swapped or to use another more distant key to defend/dodge (space bar for instance). That would be understandable, depending on how you place your fingers on the numpad, you could get more (or less) freedom of action.

- F-keys to change the stances (don't remeber the name but it was something like cautious/walk/run). Perhaps they could have been placed elsewhere for quicker access (CTRL/SHIFT/Enter), but you don't usually need to quickly change the stances.
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