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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
That (popular) thread as well as some others (like the ones about the exclusive Atari ST games) still makes me wonder.
I assume they don't appear around here without good reasons and that some people still genuinely wish that all these games would appear on Amiga someday

You know, for a while i toyed with the idea of doing/porting games to the Amiga (500 or cd32) like modern ones in form of "demakes" or porting older arcade games and see if i could do better then Tiertex & co. with much more modern tools and faster computers at my disposal and all that (i even made a specific mame version for that) but after weighting the pros and cons i wondered: why bother ?
If i wanted to do games i could do that on less restrictive platforms which would have much bigger audience, why force players to fire up these antic machines or use winuae (most probably) to play a game that would look better, sound better and surely would have better playing controls on newer platforms without much efforts ?

What would make a game better being played on an Amiga rather than on a PC or a console ?
Thats very cool did you make any test files?
Theres no real reason to choose Amiga - I would enjoy it though!!
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