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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
Jet PLAnes????We are talking about playing a platforming video games not being fighter pilots.

here's a list of the people (in addition to me) in this thread alone that have commented SMB and the use of D_pads and button to jump is superior to any Amiga platformer with joystick and up to jump, and they have given explanations,(without any personal attacks like you have):
T Hairy bootson
Power Pie 5000
Boo Boo

But hey. YOU are entitled to your opinion.
That is just my personal preference... I would not call it superior! Some people prefer "up" for jump and some don't. I also never stick to using just one control type for all games/consoles.... It varies on what i feel is right for me for a particular game genre although for mixed platform/shooter games such as Turrican i do prefer the old joystick with up as jump but for standard platformers such as mario and sonic (mainly console platformers) etc... I prefer a control pad with a button for jump
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