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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
It's utter nonsense, and the argument can never be won.

Who's ever heard of a fighter pilot using a pad to fly the plane against a joystick. The quick and accurate joystick control is used because of that fact, and I doubt anybody would ever switch to anything else for accuracy.

My thoughts and conclusion of this thread is for it to be closed, for it is completely pointless unless we can get back on topic, stefcep, and stop banging on about how much better Mario, the SNES and the gamepad etc are. If you want to rant on about it, why don't you start a new thread and leave this one to get back on topic.
Jet PLAnes????We are talking about playing a platforming video games not being fighter pilots.

here's a list of the people (in addition to me) in this thread alone that have commented SMB and the use of D_pads and button to jump is superior to any Amiga platformer with joystick and up to jump, and they have given explanations,(without any personal attacks like you have):
T Hairy bootson
Power Pie 5000
Boo Boo

But hey. YOU are entitled to your opinion.
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