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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
As Jean-Fran├žois Fabre's remake isn't in the poll I'm torn...
...considering it's an 8bit micro the MSX 'version' is amazing.
...but the Amiga version *must* surely be the best.

...I gave my vote to the Arc version as it's the one I played as a wee nipper.
(and it's a direct port of the Amiga version)
Actually, that Acorn vote is mine! Busted!

Here is a video of it on youtube: [ Show youtube player ]

Maybe I shouldn't have voted for it, as I see no difference at all to amiga version, except it is missing copper background and green status bar at bottom (uses blue text instead at bottom). Maybe there is no option for in-game music also and the speed seems same as amiga version.
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