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back then there was a few games that bothered me, that they was not made available for amiga, especially for the aga amiga, games like DOTT, X-Wing and one of my favorite games of all time Lands of Lore, allso I allways feel kinda pissed of, when i play such second rate conversions as r-type and ghouls'n ghosts, hell even bubble bobble feels like it's just a rushed job, I mean just look at rainbow islands, sure it misses a level, but who cares, its a topnotch job and I allways liked the amiga version the best, thats how it should have been done.....sigh!! Still the above named pc games, could easy have been done and might even have helped pushing some 030 cards into more machines and making harddisks a reqirement back then, which should have been inside the a1200 in first place imho
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