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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
No, it isn't weird. Factor 5 made a decent job and improved Bonk, which is much better on the Amiga. Better graphics, better sounds and surpringly better controls. And the joystick control is brilliant here, these guys really know how to programme a good port that's even better than the original.
I watched a longplay of it on youtube. I prefer the music of the original though (a lot of the music doesn't even sound like it's even the same. Sounds like something that belongs in Chuck Rock or something). They also appeared to have built the game around PC Genjin 2 engine, but using the first game's level design. The main character sprite and the last boss sprite are from PC Genjin 2. Also, the super smooth floating spin move is missing (which also missing from PC Genjin 2). Other than that, it looked fantastic.
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