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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Erm, yes I think you did. At least that is what I think your post implied. You could have put a 'I think' (like I did) in your post and that is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody has his opinion about how a 'perfect' game should look and 'feel'.
I didn't imply that at all. I merely stated that SMB was a great game. And it is mostly do to its tight refined control mechanics. The game would be worse if jump were on the directional pad (and even worse on a stick). But nowhere did I imply that it's the best game ever. I prefer Ninja Gaiden 1/2/3 on NES over the SMB series (though SMB3.. man, that was a great game).

Btw : Using words like 'bias', 'ignorant' and 'fanboyish' lead to the 'deduction' that you aren't really accepting that people could not agree to your point of view
I call like I see it (although maybe I could've used a little more tact). It's one thing to prefer one method over another or even be nostalgic for it, but it's a totally different thing to blindly ignore the obvious or fact (maybe not so obvious to some).

My example is BC Kid. A fine PCE port and a very pure platformer. There is a joystick control with "up" and a pad control with a second button for jump.

Well, both controls works fine. I cannot make a clear preference. It depends on how good they've made the controls for a game. Yes, Mario is a good example for smooth and decent pad control, but i have also played a lot of console games with a bad jump control (delays, inaccurate..). This happens in shitty Amiga platformer too.
Oh, that's totally weird. It's hard picturing playing PC Genjin like that
Yeah, no doubt there are plenty of duds that use traditional arcade/console game play design, but I'm sure they was just as much duds if they used the directional jump method
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