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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
You have an opinion. That most don't agree with it. An opinion alone doesn't make it a good opinion.
most people? you just cant stop can you? I bet there are plenty of people who would agree with it, but unless i follow that up with "xxx number of people" it's not a "good" opinion, because you dont agree with it? classic

Only to counter your argument that its marketing to the ignorant masses that makes some games judged as better.
I still havent seen a counter to that argument at all other than "some people agree with me therefore i'm right"

I'm talking about a unanimous opinion amongst many multi-format monthly paper mags, daily newspapers, countless internet review sites, all saying the same thing. What makes them more qualified. beacsue if they keep giving good reviews to games that feature bad graphics, have technical flaws, bad game design, their opinions will be disregarded by the gamers, and they would eventully lose their jobs.
so reviewers are always right then yeah? so how can the same game ever have reviews from 16%-75%?

those reviewers must be crazy risk-takers. either that, or they are subject to writing -opinions- no more valid than anyone elses.

re you for real???? i am not talking about sticking a joypad into an A1200 and playing a game that has up D-Pad hard coded into the game, as most Amiga games are.
yes i am "for real". You had been stating that this was the superior way to play platform games, and pretty much anything else was too hard to control.

Funnily enough, I sometimes play Rainbow Islands on mame, and do you know what? I even assign d-pad up-to-jump on that. and you know what's even more ridiculous? I prefer it. oh no, i must be an idiot as a result.

you clearly dont want to accept that anyone else might think or feel differently to yourself on these matters, so why I am bothering to answer I am not entirely sure.
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