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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
As much as I'd like to agree with you...


That's utter rubbish

A good game, is another's good game, which is another's bad game, which is another's worst game, which is another's favourite game...

I personally like Mario, not as a mate, but as a game, and the same goes for Sonic, I just GET them. I also GET other games that others don't. Shit happens
WRONG. MOST people will agree whether a game is good or not. What people don't agree on is if they like a particular GENRE of a game. As an example personally I find adventure games boring, including games like Zelda. I also don't like sim-type games, and i don't like resource managment games like Civ. BUT those that like that genre will say the Zelda, and the Civ games are at the top in THAT genre. And I can see that. i just can't be arsed palying them.

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