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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
AAHH but professional music critics/reviewers-even pop critics would never say that Rihanna is a better musician than Beethoven, or Queen for example.
I happen to think Queen are over-rated crap as well. And I happen to be a trained musician myself! Oh no! I have an opinion!

Yet professional gaming reviewers all agree about SMB. They will even say that a game that didn't sell well, should have. Its not always just about mass marketing. Quality is quality.
1) you were talking of the "billions" of people who rate mario, now you switch to your arguement being about a handful of reviewers?

2) "professional gaming reviewers" ... lmao. what makes these people more qualified in their opinions than me, you, or anyone else on this board? Oh right, they get paid (inclduing nice little bonuses from Nintendo & friends no doubt) for voicing their opinion.

Have a look around, i'm sure you'll find some reviewers who have also written some pretty good reviews which -wont- claim mario to be the accolade you regard it as.
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