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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Erm, yes I think you did. At least that is what I think your post implied. You could have put a 'I think' (like I did) in your post and that is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody has his opinion about how a 'perfect' game should look and 'feel'.
Btw : Using words like 'bias', 'ignorant' and 'fanboyish' lead to the 'deduction' that you aren't really accepting that people could not agree to your point of view
You are being ridiculous by stating the obvious. Ofcourse its HIS opinion based on his experience, and he gives perfectly valid reason why he thinks that ie like I have: the level design, the tight and intuitive controls and controllers. (FFS my 70 year old father can play SMB with a joypad, he'd never get that with a joystick.) Thats what's known as "reasonable discussion". His points and mine are valid. Its YOURS that have no substance so you make the pointless remarks along the lines "Its your opinion, its not mine, therefore its not worth discusssing". Well you can end 95% of discussion quickly this way and then have NO discussion.

But you take it further accusing me (and him) of Nintendo fanboyism despite the fact I've owned a SNES for 1 year, an Amiga for 17 years, and all I've said simply that the Mario series are the best examples of platforming games, and that 99% of people would say a joypad is more intuitive and better suited to that genre. Yes that genre might not be everyone's cup of tea, but thats the genre being discussed. Yes everyone has an opinion about how a game should look and feel, but contrary to what you think, those opinions are not ALL unique. In fact, most end up the same. Gaming opinions are not as diverse as you might like to believe, because a good game is a good game, period, and thats why many varied professional gaming writers, and ordinary players will usually agree about what's a great game and what isn't. Most agree that SMB is the best example of its kind, and one of the best video games EVER. Its not that I can't accept your different opinion, its the fact that 1 billion others can't accept yours, but you argue as if YOU are right and the rest are wrong..
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