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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I decrypted it using some "common sense" (i.e. just analyzing the crypted data to figure out the decryption key), was easier than I thought. There's more to do though as there are more trap #xx calls in the decrypted file. Quite fun so far. =)
Hi StingRay,
I'm happy you're calling it "fun" ... I wouldn't know where to start, I envy you!

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Ok, had a bit more fun with it and it seems it fully works now. Didn't really test it much though. Anyway, attached is cracked disk image, have fun.
WOW, I'll try it ASAP! In the meantime I'm bowing down

Could be a nice one for a cracking tutorial.
Yes! Would you do it please? Tools used, your approach, etc.
But I understand it may be very difficult to explain it to noobs like me.

Edit: would be nice to see the original disk one day as I'd like to see what the original bootblock does.
I SUPER-QUOTE this, and I wrote it at the beginning of the thread.
But I don't know how many people could have it . It was only sold here in Italy, from the NUOVA NEWEL shop and in bundle with the AR 1.5.

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