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Originally Posted by pce_gamer View Post
lilalurl: You're trying too hard to find flaws in a game that pretty much doesn't have any. Instead of focusing on the negative (and because there are hundreds of other platform games besides Mario), focus on some positive examples on the Amiga. I rather see some Amiga game examples and their strengths.
I'm just pointing out a flaw that for me does not make the game enjoyable (and proving the existence of the problem since while it is obvious to me it is not to others ).

I won't spend much time like others defending the amiga/providing examples because as I said, except few titles I am not especially into the platforming genre and besides I do not especially like most of the amiga platformers.

I like the Turrican series, Second Samurai, Wiz'n Liz, Alfred Chicken can be fun in short sessions and maybe I forgot some others.

As you can see, most of those are far from being 'pure' (or whatever they are called) platform games such as Mario so I am not sure you would have any interest towards them.

If I would want to spend some time jumping around it would probably playing some Trials maps in UT2004. [ Show youtube player ] (it's 3D platforming though so you may not like it)
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