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Originally Posted by pce_gamer View Post
The Mario games were brilliant. From SMB1 and up, the gameplay controls and mechanics were perfect. Pure perfection. If it's one thing that the Japanese knew how to do better than ANY one else (US/EU/Other), it was gameplay mechanics. Too bad the Amiga wasn't popular in Japan
Originally Posted by pce_gamer View Post
Heh. I don't remember saying that (nor thinking that either). There are hundreds of great platforming games be it home console or arcade, and that don't use 'up' for jump for a specific reason. It's a less efficient mechanism. Gameplay mechanics got more complicated/advanced/refined and developers moved away from the single button joystick with up for jump. On the Amiga, it seems to be a carry over for the 8bit home computer systems while the rest of the industry moved on. Are there some exceptions? Sure, like anything in life. I can't imagine playing Street Fighter 2 and many-many-many other 2D(or 3D for that matter) fighting games where up wasn't used for jumping. But then again, those aren't 'platform' games.
Erm, yes I think you did. At least that is what I think your post implied. You could have put a 'I think' (like I did) in your post and that is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody has his opinion about how a 'perfect' game should look and 'feel'.
Btw : Using words like 'bias', 'ignorant' and 'fanboyish' lead to the 'deduction' that you aren't really accepting that people could not agree to your point of view
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