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Or personal preference. Who can tell?
Sure. Much the way some people prefer 8bit systems/games over 16bit systems/games. It's a personal preference, but that doesn't change the fact that the 16bit system had more advance gameplay mechanics/setups overall. And I'm sure some people prefer playing action/platforming games with a keyboard instead. Personal preference still doesn't change the fact, though.

Some like Mario, some don't. Some like 'up 2 jump'™, some don't. Do you want to tell people what they should prefer?
Is that what you got from my post? You think I'm telling people what they should prefer? Wow. Great deduction skills.

What do you really expect on an Amiga board. That everybody cheers in when you say 'Mario is the greatest platform series of all times'?
Heh. I don't remember saying that (nor thinking that either). There are hundreds of great platforming games be it home console or arcade, and that don't use 'up' for jump for a specific reason. It's a less efficient mechanism. Gameplay mechanics got more complicated/advanced/refined and developers moved away from the single button joystick with up for jump. On the Amiga, it seems to be a carry over for the 8bit home computer systems while the rest of the industry moved on. Are there some exceptions? Sure, like anything in life. I can't imagine playing Street Fighter 2 and many-many-many other 2D(or 3D for that matter) fighting games where up wasn't used for jumping. But then again, those aren't 'platform' games.

That said, excusing my more limited experience of the Amiga scene, aren't there games that take advantage of using a Genesis controller(as I've heard was/is popular) on the Amiga? I'm sure there has to be some.

"You" are calling "us" fanboyish? We "do not" say that ANY Amiga game is better than ANY and EVERY Nintendo game in a particular genre, but "you" and the rest of the Mario cult proclaim it as being "the best" platformer ever made over every other system, and you are calling "us" the Fanboys?

Nice try sunshine, on ya bike! Nintendo heads are Career fanboys! Its almost like a disease.
I'm a Nintendo fanboy? Hehe. You obviously know nothing about me then. But hey, if making ignorant assumptions is your cup of tea, more power to you. Reminds me of the time I got called a C64 fanboy just because I agreed with some C64 posters point, then later called an Atari 8bit fanboy in the same thread because I pointed out a falsity of some passionate C64 poster. Silly fanboys.

because I would have much to say you
Ohh? What's that? Are you going to launch some sort of attack on me or something? Try to bruise/poke at my "insecurities" or such? Among other consoles of that era, but sure - I'm a PCE fan. I give you the green light

lilalurl: You're trying too hard to find flaws in a game that pretty much doesn't have any. Instead of focusing on the negative (and because there are hundreds of other platform games besides Mario), focus on some positive examples on the Amiga. I rather see some Amiga game examples and their strengths.
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