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Originally Posted by Shoonay
not to mention the OVERWHELMING majority of people in the world has the very best music taste (Go Britney, yeah!)... yes... great argument...
aint that the truth.

Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
Dunno bout you guys, but I would never play most Amiga games without the joystick, I always had one, it feels the Amiga is incomplete without one... on the other hand, I consider the PSX joypad as the greatest joypad in the world that fits my hands perfectly and love to play most PSX games with it... but these both suck in PC FPP/Strategy games, so I don't touch them without a proper mouse and keyboard...
I can happily live without a joystick myself, but there's nothing wrong with preferring it (I was once the same, especially with SWOS)

I've tried to stress so many times in this thread how I love using multi-buttons on Amiga games. Hell, sometimes i quite like mouse games using an anaglue stick. My A1200 has two PS2 pads connected so i can even enjoy doing that on a real machine. My PS3 is setup for running e-uae, and the last thing i want to have to do most of the time is to have to add a keyboard to it.

I even spent time completely removing the need to use multiple F-keys in the Cybernoid games, and made it possible to rotate weapons by using the second button, simply because I didnt want to have to bother with keyboard controls on a game that plays so nicely on a pad.... but *still* I prefer (and feel i have better control) using the up2jump method on platform games...

but still...
Originally Posted by stefcep
<my opinion> proves to me that playing with a one-button joystick is an unnecessary, frustrating hindrance, rather than a challenge. There's a difference, which I think you confuse: just beacsue a game is hard because the of the limitations of the control mechanism, dosen't make it a test of skill. Indeed its nothing but a source of frustration. But I think nostalgia is clouding people's judgement.


I've always found Indy Heat to be at its best using the keyboard (especially nice, chunky original amiga keys), but will that stop me trying to add third joystick control to it? no. I happen to think the option to choose such things is one of the greatest things we can do to continue improving the many already-great Amiga games we have. I'm certainly not dumb enough to claim anything is perfect, as has been done here with Mario.

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