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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
It proves to me that playing with a one-button joystick is an unnecessary, frustrating hindrance, rather than a challenge. There's a difference, which I think you confuse: just beacsue a game is hard because the of the limitations of the control mechanism, dosen't make it a test of skill. Indeed its nothing but a source of frustration. But I think nostalgia is clouding people's judgement.
Obviously you prefer the gamepad with it's zillions of button controls That's your preference, and I ain't going to argue with that

btw. Have you tried 'Volfied' using a gamepad, it's almost impossible to do the quick turns that are required in the game. Many times I broke a joystick with this game and I was *very* able to get through the game. I have also tried it with a gamepad, and I can't realisticly copy the same moves in the game that I *can* do with the joystick

IMHO, and many others here, a joystick was meant for Amiga games and Amiga games were designed with that fact in mind, and a SNES had a gamepad for the very same reasons, so you either stop whining on about how much better Mario, the SNES and a gamepad is and concentrate on the platform games themselves, keeping your opinions of the best games machines and controllers to yourself.

Your opinion counts, for now, but don't keep on pushing it into our faces as being the most ultimate, purist, best game on the best system ever in the whole wide world and universe since time began with the best controller too. I've never heard so much BullS@#t in my life, you like it, well good for you, but it ain't my favourite by far.

'TURRICAN RULES' in my opinion but that's all I have to say

Edit: Now who wants to start a new thread called 'Super Nintendo - Jesus, what a load of crap!'

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