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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
I don't give a toss if you have actually had sex with an Amiga, a very large majority of the NES/SNES owning public were Americans because the Amiga never made headway over there and with the vast majority of advertising and publicity being based in America for Mario, then its hardly surprising that the "world" would not agree with me because many Americans (not all) consider themselves as being "the world".
Don't know about America, I'm from Australia. Amiga did well here. So much so that many people like me never got a SNES at the time. As you say just coz its popular doesn't mean that Amiga had better platformers. Even in CU Amiga/Amiga format it was ackowledged that Nintendo games were of the highest quality and often the best example of a genre. But you're right: you're entitled to stick to your preferred control method if it works for you. But as you're a broadminded fellow you might TRY using a joypad on a real AMiga or under WinUAE and re-play Super Frog. You might just like it.
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