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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
The thing is that i have been playing Amiga platforming games via Winuae as well, using a a PC PS2 style control pad. Ofcourse you'd know the buttons and directional keys can be configured to do whatever you want them too. Hell you can even play Amiga games with an analogue thumb stick if you like. I took the next step and bought a genesis joypad, modified it so that one of its button was also up, so i could jump with the button rather than the up direction. And you know what? the Amiga games are soooo much more playable this way. In fact i have achieved my highest scores EVER this way, rather than with a one-buton joystick. It proves to me that playing with a one-button joystick is an unnecessary, frustrating hindrance, rather than a challenge. There's a difference, which I think you confuse: just beacsue a game is hard because the of the limitations of the control mechanism, dosen't make it a test of skill. Indeed its nothing but a source of frustration. But I think nostalgia is clouding people's judgement.
Just because you find a Joypad frustrating it does not mean that WE DO !!.. i find a Joypad EXTREMELY frustrating (i use one for game emulation which includes SNES in the Multiplatform comp on this very website).

Does that make me RIGHT ... NO... its what i PREFER!!.. I AM NOT YOU, CyberDruid is not you! Hungry Horace is not you!, DemonHellraiser is not you! ... we don't all feel the same way, and if we did what a boring world it would be!.. Mario World on the SNES i KNOW is a GREAT game, but its just NOT a platformer i enjoy!
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