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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post

Man its comments like this that give Amigans a bad name.

FWIW I've been an Amigan since 1992. Have A4000 68060 ( cyberstorm II) with CV64, Toccata, and a VLab. About as high end (excluding PPC) as you can get. AND bought this stuff new when it cost more than a new kitchen. I've probably forgotten more Amiga facts than you know.

AmigaOS is great, probably the best single user OS ever. But Amiga platformers are no match for the likes of what was available on the SNES. They simply do not have the same quality. You may not agree. A few others here might not as well. But the OVERWHELMING majority of gamers in the world who are not blinkered by their own obsession will unanimously disagree with you.

I don't give a toss if you have actually had sex with an Amiga, a very large majority of the NES/SNES owning public were Americans because the Amiga never made headway over there and with the vast majority of advertising and publicity being based in America for Mario, then its hardly surprising that the "world" would not agree with me because many Americans (not all) consider themselves as being "the world".

The simple fact that you cannot understand is that you need to stop letting us know "why" Mario is the best by YOUR standards and accept the fact that not everyone thinks like you and not everything is about you and what you consider the best game. You have addressed everyone else on their points and have not addressed a "single" valid point i have made and it seems the only thing that got your attention from me is this aforementioned comment.

In other words, let it be mate, because there is no right or wrong in what is the best platformer. Tell us till your black and blue in the face all you want that Mario is the BEST of all time but its not going to change the fact that self affirmed facts in your mind and not the self affirmations in mine and whilst you may like pumpkin with your fish, i may prefer potato... what is so hard to understand about that?

And do i give Amigians a bad name do i!? I am not an Amigian, i am a guy who has played on a number of systems in the day and its my opinion just as it is yours on what i consider a good game and would not be so arrogant as to say that only 1 game wipes out all others within a particular genre my Nintendian.

And blinkered by obsession!? .. who is the one obsessed with Mario here? do you hear me going on and on and on and on about Turrican, or Yo Joe or Superfrog...etc... nope! all i am saying is that you need to look at the bigger picture and you call that obsession? Take another look in the mirror mate.

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