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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
Erm... i think you quite possibly may have just stuck 2 of the same pic together ... almost! the first pic you again went into the side/front of an enemy! (did you die?) and i am sure with the turtles you are supposed to jump on their shell...
Actually no. I thought given the order of the pictures it was obvious, but I was jumping over the turtle and going through its head.

[ Show youtube player ]
Nestopia movie if you prefer to check directly by yourself (play with Super Mario Bros. (W) [!])

Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
the collision is nothing worth mentioning as i have seen far worse in plenty of old and new games... this is good in comparison also are you not getting bored trying to find very tiny problems with Super Mario Bros? How long did this take you?
I agree that there are far worse games on that matter.

But I was initially posting to reply to those who consider Mario to be perfect, a form of art etc...

I give my opinion and tries to give an example of one thing that always deterred me from enjoying the game (and having a hard time to understand how other people can enjoy it).

Other people say my example is not good, I try to explain further, I got some explanations about top/side.
Well, for me it does not fit in a platform game mechanics and is a problem, but so be it if other people consider it ok.

So I decide to provide another example of collision detection problem.
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