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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
And you sound like a Christian who says he used to be an Atheist and now is trying to convert us to Christianity. Mate, we just do not see Jesus in Mario, we don't see the light and we don't wish to see the light because there is no light, there is no divine God just as there is no divine Mario, we have found our own God that is without the fanatical indoctrination of Mario, its in games like Turrican 2 and various other Amiga or non Amiga gaming experiences, so as i said before, there is no "best" platform game out there!, there is only what you "deem" as the best but by many other peoples standards is not.

Man its comments like this that give Amigans a bad name.

FWIW I've been an Amigan since 1992. Have A4000 68060 ( cyberstorm II) with CV64, Toccata, and a VLab. About as high end (excluding PPC) as you can get. AND bought this stuff new when it cost more than a new kitchen. I've probably forgotten more Amiga facts than you know.

AmigaOS is great, probably the best single user OS ever. But Amiga platformers are no match for the likes of what was available on the SNES. They simply do not have the same quality. You may not agree. A few others here might not as well. But the OVERWHELMING majority of gamers in the world who are not blinkered by their own obsession will unanimously disagree with you.

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