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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
lilalurl: I would call that good collision detection, you ran into the side of him.
Sorry but I can't help seeing that I land on it (I don't like Mario enough to be considering a mushroom thingie from a game as a person)

Originally Posted by pce_gamer View Post
lilalurl: Oh my god. You REALLY expect to land on that enemy at that angle!? You're been playing too much shitty/floaty/crappy generic platform games. Ahh, but ignorance is bliss I guess.
Why should I not expect to land on that enemy?

I would never pretend to be a platformer expert (I don't even consider it as one of my favorite genre), but besides the Amiga platform games I have played and finished: all 2D Castlevanias made since Rondo of Blood (except the last one on DS that I have not yet tried), the three Sparksters/Rocket knight games, Mischief Makers, many of the Ganbare Goemon games, the Sonic games on Megadrive and probably more others that I can't think of right now.

Also I have spent some time on Super Mario World and Yoshi Island and have never had that feeling of bad collision detection

What I see is that, except maybe the old Sonic games, I am not fond of platform games in which the main way of killing an enemy is jumping on its head, so perhaps I am not used to see myself dying when I don't see legitimate reasons to.
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