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Originally Posted by vimfuego View Post
I think you might be waiting for a long time, there is some serious hardware in the PS3 / X360, power wise probably beyond what PC's have now.
PC hardware from the last couple of years up until now have more "oomph" than current games consoles. The Xbox 360 was the only console to be released that was more powerful than current PC's (CPU and GPU wise back when it was launched).

The PS3 was released a year after the Xbox 360 due to technical difficulties causing delays. It was released with a less than impressive GPU based on the dodgy old geforce 7800 series! But i cannot comment much on the CELL CPU as it is still a relatively new architecture... I know it is used in servers and it is not ideally suited for games compared to a general purpose CPU.... but i am sure the devs will find ways to adapt and optimize as the CELL is also going to be used in the PS4 (Sony still need to make their money back from it - it cost them around $400 MILLION to develop )
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