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Originally Posted by pce_gamer View Post
is just ignorant. Or very fanboyish. Man.
"You" are calling "us" fanboyish? We "do not" say that ANY Amiga game is better than ANY and EVERY Nintendo game in a particular genre, but "you" and the rest of the Mario cult proclaim it as being "the best" platformer ever made over every other system, and you are calling "us" the Fanboys?

Nice try sunshine, on ya bike! Nintendo heads are Career fanboys! Its almost like a disease.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Some like Mario, some don't. Some like 'up 2 jump'™, some don't. Do you want to tell people what they should prefer? What do you really expect on an Amiga board. That everybody cheers in when you say 'Mario is the greatest platform series of all times'?
Recommend your favourites, try the ones of others, give an opinion about them, but cut that 'opinion = fact' stuff.
Pure words of wisdom from TCD! listen to this man, he makes complete and logical sense with NO bias present within

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