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lilalurl: Oh my god. You REALLY expect to land on that enemy at that angle!? You're been playing too much shitty/floaty/crappy generic platform games. Ahh, but ignorance is bliss I guess.

I can't believe the bias-ism in this thread. I do understand the novelty of using a single button stick with up for jump (I grew up some home console computer before a NES), but not realize how really limiting of an experience that is in the face of a real multiple button gamepad setup ( and with not using up for jump)... is just ignorant. Or very fanboyish. Man.

And for the record, Mega Turrican for the Megadrive is the best version

The Mario games were brilliant. From SMB1 and up, the gameplay controls and mechanics were perfect. Pure perfection. If it's one thing that the Japanese knew how to do better than ANY one else (US/EU/Other), it was gameplay mechanics. Too bad the Amiga wasn't popular in Japan
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