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Originally Posted by RabidRabbit View Post
Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated.

I think i'd like to get the SAM version to be honest with you, maybe get a cheap A1200 too someplace. But if the Winuae runs fine under the SAM, it could be the way to go I reckon.
I'm afraid not. WinUAE requires an Intel-based box running Windows. EUAE will run fine on an Intel-based Mac or Linux box.

The PPC versions of EUAE don't have a JIT compiler yet so they run painfully slow.

Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
IMHO the only "Amiga" worth buying will be Clone-A IF (big IF) Jens gets it finished. That at least might morph into something like a classic Amiga. Maybe better cpu LATER
If the Natami ever comes out it may be better yet because the 68050ec is running ahead of schedule and, if popular, could fund the rest of the SuperAGA research.

Originally Posted by xpect View Post
Good God... AmigaOS for the x86 please...
Intel may have better code density than the PowerPC but the 68000 series was better yet. That's why I'm holding out some hope for the Natami team's 68050ec design even if it is only going to be a 133 MHz chip in its first incarnation.

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