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Originally Posted by Sensi View Post
I am sure I wont buy any of eighth generation consoles and only seventh generation console I am planning to buy (maybe) is PS3. And not in 2009 or 2010, depends only on how good emulators will be developed for it.
I think you might be waiting for a long time, there is some serious hardware in the PS3 / X360, power wise probably beyond what PC's have now.

Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
The overall "quality" of next gen consoles completely sucks.... I can't even believe that my Xbox 360 contains electrolytic caps Microsoft are such tight asses and decided not to go for the better solid state caps which makes no sense at all considering the amount of heat the system produces!! Those caps will not last
I work in the Automotive electronics industry, electro's are fine, they are used in just about every computer in a car, even ones mounted in the engine bay, other parts will fail before they do as automotive grade caps are rated to 125degC. The problem is M$ probably used the cheapest nastiest caps they could find. Imagine how bad the X360 would have been if the power supply was built in!
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