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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
And honestly, i have no interest in controlling a little fat fuck with a mustache jumping on fucking mushrooms (the only mushrooms i am interested in are magic), as TCD said, give me Turrican 2, a big arse fucking gun that rotates 360 degrees, some killer music from Huelsbeck, expansive worlds and Bren Mc'Guire out for revenge!!! .... Mario might be the be all and end all for some, and no-one here is saying its a bad series of 2D games, but FUCK MARIO, it is in my "preferential" opinion far from the greatest thing out there.
This is an interesting point. Personally I don't give a crap about Mario the character or any other character associated with the games. You could swap out all the graphics for something completely different and I would still enjoy the game just as much. It's the mechanics of the game that impresses me so much. Freakyweakywoo always takes the piss out of me for playing "girly games" like Rainbow Islands, but when I play it, all that brightly coloured shit is completely irrelevant. I am playing a great example of the genre and if it has mushrooms or rainbows in it, then who gives a shit? When I play Turrican I don't pretend I'm Brent McGuire ffs. Same goes for Mario.
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