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Originally Posted by Dastardly View Post
I also played my first Mario game very late. I got a SNES and a copy of SMW in about 96. I had "lived" the Amiga and it will ALWAYS be my number 1 machine for so many reasons.

BUT, 2D Mario games are the best examples of pure platformers I have ever played. This isn't Nintendo bias. I don't even particularly like Nintendo generally. I also am just calling it as I see it. That doesn't mean I am slagging off Amiga platformers by any means, it just means I see a perfect example of a genre on another machine. If I was a shmup freak then no doubt the best examples of that genre would probably be on a different machine again.

Mass marketing hasn't shaped my view.
I agree with everything you've said I also got SMW late and have exactly the same feeling about the Mario games, in comparison to any platformers, not just Amiga platformers.
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