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I'm going to put a spanner in the works.

Platform games originated in the early 1980s within arcade machines. These were probably the best, not for there gameability, but for the pure female companionship that came along with them. Who really wants to sit alone on any machine at home playing there favourite platform game, when you could be down the local arcade impressing all those girls with your awesomeness and pure playability moves, with the odd wink to the lucious bird that you wouldn't mind................. Aaaaaaargh! Those were the days

I don't knock any games, some are good and some are bad but I prefer to keep those opinions to myself unless it really needs saying. Personal preference is the game, if you enjoy it and have years of fun, then that's cool, tell the world no matter which platform it belongs too, but don't use the games as an excuse to knock one of the worlds most comprehensive games machines that was ever to be created. It's like saying I prefer the Wii 'cause I can dance around the sitting room blasting the f@#k out of everything and everyone in a better kind of way, whilst I destroy the sitting room doing it. You can do that on a single buttoned joystick on an Amiga too but in a different fashion and for a different reason

@Hungry Horace
Manic Miner isn't the most pure of all platform games There I've said it, now what
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