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even forgetting the Amiga for a minute, I would still rather play Rainbow Islands, NZS or Bubble Bobble on another machine (most likely Arcade version, but i prefer it when assigning 'up' to jump, as I often do using MAME ) than any Mario game.

I've tried the Mario series enough, and never liked much about it. Its 'physics' probably being the aspect i dislike the most. (i did enjoy Blade002's rant however ) - However, I will never tell anyone that they 'shouldnt' like it or that they should be forgotten because 'X game is superior or more popular than Y', but i'll happily put across an opposing opinion, because... well... i'm entitled to!

And hey, I'm someone who even like to see extra pad-options added to their Amiga games so i dont have to use the keyboard. However, i respect that as a personal choice of mine, rather than trying to declare that one way or the other is 'better' or how things 'should be done'.

And i'm still waiting for someone to tell me why Manic Miner isnt the most pure of all platform games.
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