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If you are so against the Amiga platform games etc... why are you here? All you have done is knock the Amiga in one way or another, why? For it's time, it was the most successful computer on the market and stood for a decade as the top machine to have, believe me I know, I had more than one. You obviously didn't *live* the dream in those days or your opinion would be so much different.

Stop whining about the Amiga and all the awesomeness of it's pure gameability, it has beaten you hands down no matter what you pick and try to throw at us. Don't forget, the Amiga was more than a games machine/console, and could outwit and beat any console of the same period.

btw. How old are you? This could explain a lot

Between the two choices below, I know which one I would choose

How many buttons did you say the snes had, the Amiga had 94 keyboard buttons, two on the mouse and one on the joystick, I think it even beats the snes

Anyway my choice is *Turrican* all versions on the Amiga the best that there was and beats everything going, even today, an absolute pure awesome game that'll live with me until my dying day

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