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Iv'e got to say though that the word subjective is quite the convenient one for arguments like this.I mean someones high opinion of some dreadfull game doesn't make that game all of a sudden great, only to him it does.Games have mechanics and are an artform just like any form of creation.You start saying a kids drawing is for whatever reason better than a great known piece of art and it's then you can throw subjective in there - it very well maybe better than anything to that person of course but that doesn't make it so.The sequel to Starship Troopers better than the original, well yes i guess it is then.

There is a basis for saying what is said to be good or bad, even though it doesn't make it correct in the eyes of those that like it for whatever other reason

Fair enough as we all have opinions like that but things like this are either better or not on the grounds of things.I like Supremacy over most Amiga sims on the basis that it just feel the nicest and most accesible to me, but i highly doubt it's the best of it's type on Amiga.Being that Supremacy is the best to me doesn't make it so
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