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Thing is i like all these platform games too on Amiga and i had fun playing them

Super Frog was in no way offensive, it just didn't do anything standout like in the same way Simon the Sorcerer isn't as stand out as Monkey Island - Monkey Island being the best example of the genre on Amiga

I wouldn't swap my Amiga days for anything as they were the best times but the real genius of games wasn't in the form of Amiga platformers - Speedball2, Kickoff2, Deutros, Carrier Command, F18, etc etc were what Amiga did so well and consoles owners could only hope to get anything as great these beautifull games

Turrican is a little unique though i will always give it that as it has exploration as well as it's perfect music and atmosphere.The game should be enough to command respect from any console owner frankly

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