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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
No "having to use a one buttoned joystick and having to work things out to actually achieve something in the platformer uses" is a source of frustration that makes the game harder to play than it is. I grew up with one button joysticks, and since buying a SNES, have never looked back at playing a platformer the "old way".
What are you talking about. I grew up with the realism of a single buttoned joystick, which I was more than able to use for the 10 or 20 or so moves etc that you *could* do with it. The games were obviously designed in a way *NOT* to make them easy and to incorporate joystick difficulties to add an element of hardness to the games too. Although for some, this was impossible, so I must be one of many elitists who was able to master this We all know who wasn't

On another point, the gamepad with it's 14 or so buttons has obviously won most people over. Although it took me some time to master this device especially when you're used to a single buttoned joystick, it did eventually win me over but I still have a heart and prefer the joystick for playing a platformer or any other game on the Amiga, as it *is* the classic, correct and proper way to do it

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