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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
Yeah, the power of mass-marketting goes a long way.
Especially the "American" mass marketing machine which had Nintendo and Mario as the staple of the gaming public but the Amiga was nowhere to be seen only mostly in Europe which was an entirely separate market, and we all know how America likes to market to the extremes.

(This next paragraph is not referenced at you Horace )
And honestly, i have no interest in controlling a little fat fuck with a mustache jumping on fucking mushrooms (the only mushrooms i am interested in are magic), as TCD said, give me Turrican 2, a big arse fucking gun that rotates 360 degrees, some killer music from Huelsbeck, expansive worlds and Bren Mc'Guire out for revenge!!! .... Mario might be the be all and end all for some, and no-one here is saying its a bad series of 2D games, but FUCK MARIO, it is in my "preferential" opinion far from the greatest thing out there.

Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
Actually I come FROM Amiga and only in the last 12 months did I play a Mario 2D game. Not a Nintendo fanboy by any means, but I call it as I se it.
And you sound like a Christian who says he used to be an Atheist and now is trying to convert us to Christianity. Mate, we just do not see Jesus in Mario, we don't see the light and we don't wish to see the light because there is no light, there is no divine God just as there is no divine Mario, we have found our own God that is without the fanatical indoctrination of Mario, its in games like Turrican 2 and various other Amiga or non Amiga gaming experiences, so as i said before, there is no "best" platform game out there!, there is only what you "deem" as the best but by many other peoples standards is not.

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