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Originally Posted by frikilokooo View Post
SMBI I have no spotted bad collisions,I have played it a lot and is a perfect masterpiece
[ Show youtube player ]. I definitely see myself landing on the Goomba.

For more details, here are three key frames (I can also upload the uncompressed AVI (38Mb) if you want to have a look by yourself, if you give a place to upload it to).

Hehe, I'm gonna crush you mushroom dude (or whatever you are called).

Yep, I'm definitely touching you so you will die since this is a pure platform game in which you kill enemies by jumping on them.

* Turns power off *

There are other problems but I won't spend any more time 'hunting' them. Maybe the refresh rate has an effect on those (was the game adapted for the PAL/SECAM NES? I have no idea).
Anyway, the same way people can adapt to a bit of lag in online game, their brain anticipating things a bit, I think SMB players adapted to the collision detection of SMB and consider it normal, while for other people like the reviewer I quoted or me, there is clearly a problem.
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