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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
No "having to use a one buttoned joystick and having to work things out to actually achieve something in the platformer uses" is a source of frustration that makes the game harder to play than it is. I grew up with one button joysticks, and since buying a SNES, have never looked back at playing a platformer the "old way".
It's a source of frustration to you maybe, but you cant surely be naive enough to say that's true of everyone? It's like some people like Playstation Pads. Some people hate them. I have certainly never been frustrated by using up-to-jump.

I love some of the "facts" presented in this topic. "mario ... The level design, the difficulty curve, the tight controls all PERFECT" ... I dont even like use of 'running', the gravity level, the technique for removing enemies. for -me- it fails across the board compared to other games. i wouldnt be stupid enough to say it's a crap game, but I dont like it, and dont see why I should have to defend that opinion.

Its not for nothing that Super Mario Bros has been voted by many journalists in the top 2-3 video games in video game history.
Yeah, the power of mass-marketting goes a long way.
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