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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
I love platform games, but i really couldnt disagree with this any-less than absolutely!

I love platformers like NZS, Rainbow Islands, Robocod and more.... Mario to me is frankly horrible (there will always be people with whom it doesnt sit well) and Giana-Sisters, by the same token, a horrible ugly clone.

That's my opinion however, but to be -so- dismissive of Amiga platforms by the token of 'mario is better' really cracks me up.

Some of use actually prefer using up-to-jump by the way

For me, Dastardly has already provided a list of the cream-of-the-crop.
Actually I come FROM Amiga and only in the last 12 months did I play a Mario 2D game. Not a Nintendo fanboy by any means, but I call it as I se it. Super Mario Bros and the sequels on SNES and NDS are as good as you'll see from a platformer, anywhere. The level design, the difficulty curve, the tight controls all PERFECT. Its not for nothing that Super Mario Bros has been voted by many journalists in the top 2-3 video games in video game history.
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