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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
One of the ps1's i purchased a while ago from Evilbay came with a blue odd shaped cartridge that fits into the back of the ps1's parallel expansion port. It allows the ps1 to play imports and backups without actually opening up your ps1 and modding the hardware. It also acts as a cheat cartridge and is made by the same company (EMS) who created the "all in one" action replay for the Saturn. I never even knew these existed back then as i never saw one On the label it says "PS1 HACKER" a nice plug-mod
I want to post this, since I forgot about this issue, and your post suddenly makes me remember it:

AFAIK ANY mod that uses the spring/swap method will have huge problems with the Audio in games with lots of CD Audio tracks, especially many short tracks, like MK3 etc., but also with some other games that have large encoded audio data and jump directly to certain binary data positions on the cd.

I almost never got perfect music with any of those swap based methods, and I tried one of those cartridges once to check, but then returned it because it had the same problem.

The more CD Audio tracks your game has, the harder it is to get all of them to play correctly. I think it depends a lot on which boot cd you use, and on the timing of the swap. It sucks if you are a perfectionist and play lots of games with CD Audio. Castlevania Symphony of the Night doesn't have cd audio, but was really hard to boot correctly, too. It would play fine but then you enter a later level and there would be no music. Most games have bgm test menus which shows dramatically how you lose many music tracks with the swap method. Also, sometimes the music in a game will play, but tracks will start in the middle or stop too early and it will jump to the next track etc...

Mod chips works perfect though
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