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Big-Byte, I've been looking for Zarch on your FTP, but to no avail.

I've pm'ed Ian and asked him to put it in the zone (if he has it).

LOL, we had the Archimedes/Amiga argument with a kid in my class (yes there is always one ). His Dad was a school teacher so he got an A4000 on the cheap. He'd swear blind that the arch was the daddy, but we'd slam him (like 100 vs 1) with our pompous Amiga superiority attitude.

Oh yeah, a lone Atari ST supporter also still existed. I think these loners became friends in order to stand up to the Amiga onslaught.

I mean I used to own an Atari ST back in ‘87, but they were so "yesterday" by the time we hit 1989 (the same time I replaced it with the Amiga Batman pack and bought Bloodwych)

1989 was probably my greatest year. Amiga and Bloodwych all coming along at once. Fantastic. :haha

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